So one of my best friends has always been a salt loving, pizza eating, 23" waist kinda gal. The one you sit a towel away from at the beach, the one that always know the best vitamin routine, latest health fad, most effective work out routine, and not to mention glowing skin. She practices what she preaches living a healthy lifestyle, but has the perfect balance of being able to eat whatever she wants all the time. Not only did I strap her down for a photo shoot, but I got some of the ins and outs of her healthy lifestyle.

Lets start off with some everyday activity; you have always had a great workout regimen. Can you share your work out routine, and a couple tips on making sure we get what we need in every week?

 My daily routine right now includes my puppy that is highly active. I embraced that need and we doing at least 3 hours a day walking and hiking. Basically my workout regimen went from doing Soulcycle, Studio MDR and yoga class 3-4 times a week to walking and hiking 3 hours a day. The routine at the moment is getting into nature and exploring parts of my city that I would have never done before my pup ....... that constantly needs physical excursion. What I am missing from my present regimen is muscle building. I'm supplementing with push-ups, lunges and squats for the time being. Muscle strength is the core of staying fit and lean. I was able to train with a personal trainer a while back and he taught me many things about maintaining a healthy lifestyle. #1 is the food you eat. Making sure you have the protein you need and fruits and veggies to keep that glow about us humans. #2 would be to work out and make sure that you are putting your muscles to work to burn fat and maintain a healthy lifestyle. So my advice would be to check the box of working out 3-4 times a week with muscle training involved. It can't be all cardio. Cardio is needed yes of course but muscle strength is where your body will love you the most. Then also to become comfortable with a protein and veggie and fruit diet. Start replacing starches and you will feel the difference in energy, and digestion. Most important of it all...drum roll.....SLEEP. So important every day to get a good 7-8 hours of sleep. When I don't get my sleep my whole everything is in disarray. I actually need about 9 hours of sleep but that's me! 

Will you share you ideal daily meal plan, things we can’t go without, ways around it and what to eat after a tough work out?

 Things I can't go without lately are: 

  1. Hot water with Lemon first thing in the morning. So important to start the day right. It's detoxing and aids in digestion. I have been doing it for a while and it's a staple :) 
  1. Bone broth - This one is new but I'm sticking with this for a while. Help collagen productivity and overall body health. One of the reasons why my skin can glow lately, which I am always for! 
  1. Mushroom coffee with Lion's main  - I got turned on to this and it replaced my tea that replaced my coffee. I'm not a good candidate for full caffeine coffee. I literally need to take a nap 20 mins after the high of coffee runs out. So I am super sensitive to the effects of it. My body says NO to straight coffee but it likes this mushroom coffee with lion's main so I'm down for that pick me up!  
  1. Acai Bowls - I cannot live without. I love them. I pretty much eat one every day. Gives me natural energy, immune booster, helps digestion, really it an all around healthy balanced berry so I am all for them. So yum!! 

 Post work out recommendations would be.... Make sure you eat or consume a protein based nutrients within 20-30 mins after working out. This is a must! Carry good protein bars or make sure you can get a smoothie post work out. You work so hard in those work out and sometimes it take a lot of effort to get there so don't let it go to waste by not feeding your body nutrients after the workout. fuel it is with fat burning and lean muscle fuel. I'm a little strange and I need it before and after. Many don't like the feeling of eating protein before but I have to, it gives me the strength to push hard through the whole class. 

 Next for a short meal plan:

 -Eat 5-6 Times per day

-Eat minimally processed foods without added sugars

-Eat fruits and vegetables throughout the day

-Drink dat water!

-Focus on eating the lean proteins or foods that contain protein throughout the day. This is the one thing that I make sue I have in each and every meal. 

-Be insanely picky about your starches.  

 Eating 5-6 times a day evens out your body and always keeps it fueled so that you don't experience as many highs and lows that you would if you only eat say 2 meals a day. Sugar is the devil to the body, so stay away from those as much as you can. It's just evil. I'm a salty person you could say, anyone who knows me is clear about that obsession. But In my case for good natural sugars I love fruits and veggies, I love eating apples with protein berry peanut butter or celery with tuna and olive oil. I always think of good mixes with something that is crunchy and something with smooth yummy flavor. Drinking water is something that I still to this day have trouble with. But no way around it we need it and we need a good amount of it. So drink up that H2O! Knowing that you are hydrated in your day is hehe to have 2 clear urinations a day. So keep that as a daily test. My favorite fact to maintain the protein intake! This is most important because the human body uses more energy metabolizing protein than other nutrient. Signally to your body that you are full and satisfied. It also simulates hormones that promote fat burning and better health. So find your grass feed meats, organic chickens, good omega seafoods and keep those rotating in your diet multiple times a day. Last but not least our carbs.....we need these we can't just cut them totally out but if you are going to have them eat them in the morning when your body can handle the insulin better or after workout where they can help in recovery. Just be in control of that insulin don't let it control you. 

 Do you think if we miss a day of work out we should change the intake of our food?

If you miss a day of work out I would suggest to steer away from the starches. Keep fueling your body with the proteins, fruits and veggies the goods and yummy stuff that promote healthy digestion. Also remember that starches turn into sugars so one in the same....steer clean on busy days with no workouts.  

What were some of your favorite “cleansing fads” this year?

Ha, I'm not the best to be the one to promote "cleansing fads" I believe in an every day balances diet. The longevity of a daily routine will eliminate the need to "feel" like you need a cleanse. If you are going to do a cleanse choose one that you will still be getting your nutrients and only last 1-2 days. Anything longer can deprive your body of what it needs to function and throw your body into reserve mode and cause highs and lows to occur.  No good there. One non food related cleansing fad that I would promote is to do sauna's or using the sweat house for a couple days. I love heating options to sweat out the toxins. I would go here and continue your balanced diet and drink and shit ton of water. 

I usually spend at least an hour a week looking for new recipes that are healthy and quick, what are some of your favorite healthy recipes and why?

Finding recipes is definitely a time consuming process....I was turned on to this blog by my friend Kelly a new mama of 2. But I am loving trying all of the recipes. They are really yummy and ingredients are combined in ways I normally wouldn't try but have found that I am into them!! She does many that only take 30 mins. Next I would say I really like Chef'd. The delivery service that you can choose gluten free options, gourmet options..etc they all have tasted really good. These take a little longer cause there tend to be more ingredients but really liking that over the past couple months. All those that know me would also be aware of my pinterest boards :) I love pinterest and always am pinning yummy recipes. Last but not least would be the Malibu cali organic cookbook. I love anything that can be combined and have a light but fulfilling result. This cook book is that. Always the mix of crunchy and smooth :)) 

Ok lets face it, you are in happy relationship, which means for a large portion of us women that we gain weight, it’s just there is nothing more fun then cuddling on the couch ordering postdates, eating ice cream and sharing each others bad habits and I wrong? What are your suggestions on keeping that waistline and being in lust too?

Tots! We do Uber eats a lot, super convenient! The thing with my man and I we like to share everything, all of our meals with order with keeping in mind that the other will eat it too. Luckily we both enjoy eating healthy. Our hard thing is pizza but we have found a yummy gluten free pizza that we love to pop in! The bottom line is the balance of it all right...even though you have found someone you love and want to spend time with, keep those healthy habits involved in the relationship. My man doesn't have the same schedule that I have so when we do have our time we like to hike with our pup and grab acai bowls or walk to our neighborhood smoothie shop. Killing two birds with one stone you could say. We both find those activities fulfilling. Then we def cuddle on the couch but morning time we like to get out and feel good and then relax together!  

Snacking, I love it, I love it, it’s all I do. What are some healthy snacks that will also fulfill that need for something salty or sweet?

Snacking is awesome!! Actually a lot of my meals could be considered a bunch of snacks in some circles. I do apples with peanut butter, fresh cut turkey from the deli, blueberries and cranberry tuna...combining a bunch of snacks to equal a balanced meal checks the box for me!! So anything most likely not coming from a closed bag your good. Fresh and yummy! 

What are some of your secrets that you will share to keeping that 23” waist? 

For now, yeah I have that going for me...., someday that will probably change but maintaining it is the protein and making sure I feed my body with the organic foods that keep it going. Core strength from the Studio MDR and Soulcyle didn't hurt either. From very young days of gymnastics or ballet the core was very important so that stuck with me. Very important to have a strong mid section to participate in all the fun work outs. Everyone has a part of their body that kinda comes with the package and my waist is one of those things. 

Of course we have to ask about outfits, what are some of your favorite work out brands?

I am a tried and true Lululemon fan. I haven't updated my workout attire in a while because it just lasts. The market is exploding with brands and it's kinda over whelming. I make sure to always check out Carbon38 and I keep a good eye out for sales. My next favorite would be outdoor voices. Priced to gain the love and then you wear them and you love them more :) 

What is a cool way to style your gym outfit so you don’t have to walk in or out looking like a total muscle head?

Clean and tight and as close to black as you can to answer that question. But spin class is so fun in a bright pink sports bra and unicorn leggings too. Muscle head vibe is in the way you walk I think. Being grateful that you "get" to take a class or the chance to work out keeps you humble. They get expensive and you really have to dedicate time for workouts. Working hard at something is always rewarding so that keeps the balance as well.