A place with texture, color, beautiful language and food to feed your soul, a trip to Spain that will live with me forever. A girlfriend of mine sent me a text asking me to join her on a trip in two weeks to Spain. Some might think I am crazy but my dad always told me never to say no to travel, so of course I said yes and figured I could work the details out after. We went from Madrid -> San Sebastian -> Barcelona walking the streets all day, going out all night 14 days straight with zero breaks. The memories we made and people we met give us round table stories for years... Some of which we share and some that we will keep in our diaries ;) We left feeling like we could write a book about our trip, experiences and overall laughter. We kept a photo diary along the way along with some of our favorite places to eat, drink and enjoy each city.
We stayed at two different hotels to get a different feel for the city; we were in our hotel less then 4 hours a day/night so it doesn't really matter. Tablethotels.com is the best to book from, they are all boutique and really well priced.
Market hotel: I didn’t like it here walls were like paper but it was super cheep
Hotel Pulitzer: Cute bar
I loved the food in Barcelona! Here are a couple of my favorite places
 Caravelle- Pintor Fortuny 31
 We went for brunch and the tacos were amazing. It was a really cute place to sit and map out your day not only was the food good but there is free wifi!
 Bo De B- c/Fusteria 14
 Best sandwich I ever had in my life. I am still craving these and attempted to cook twice. There is always a long line to get in but worth the wait you can live off these, they are super cheep too for those baller on a budget type. (Get the picante and pesto sauces) There is a super market next door get a beer or a wine and walk to the beach and eat there. It's a must
 Margareta Blue- c/ Josep Anselm Clave, 6
 This was one of our first stops when we got to Barcelona, after san Sebastian we wanted anything but a pinche and gin and tonic, best solution? Blue margarita. Great Mexican food, they attempt to make margaritas and a jazz band.. casual we sat at the bar and ate.
 The Beach House- Judici 15
 This place is by the boardwalk and super cute Laguna beach like decor. They also have one of these in Birratze I tried it when I was there so didn't go to the one in Barcelona but I loved it. The food was so good and clean.
 Flax & Kale- C/ Tallers 74B
 This place will remind you a lot of Los Angeles. There is lots of veggies and juices. Nice for breakfast. The decor is real cute and clean. Its right across the street by one of my favorite vintage stores that I found there called Holala!
 LA CHAMPAGNERA- Carrer de la Reina Cristina, 7
 A few people recommended this place to us. We went here and met our Barcelona family. Every order comes with a free bottle of champagne, order a burger (I didn't love) and stand a round with your champagne so fun!
 Brunch and Cake- Carrer Enric Granados, 19
 I LOVED THIS PLACE it was so cute and the food was clean and healthy. Its so great for brunch. And of course, you have to order a piece of cake
 FOC YOU- Passeig De Joan Borbo, 66
 A lot of the locals hang here too. Its got the cutest outdoor décor, and a great place to get a Mexican appetizer and sit outside with a margarita, I think we sat here for 5 hours one day, I loved places outside because the people watching was so fun.
 Numero Nueve- Carrer Vidrieria 9
 All the locals took us here every time they wanted to grab a drink at all hours. It's a great spot if you want to have a mellow night but still want a bit of nightlife, or a great place to grab a drink before going out.
 Known for “Nasty Mondays” a huge night in Barcelona everyone goes. Club vibe but if you want to be crazy and dance go on a Monday!
 This is another club that can be fun if you want that “Club Vibe” Naked girls dancing everywhere and lots of locals. Thursday- Sat are good nights its more European and not many tourists.
 Agaua De Luna
 This was our first night here we got dragged into this place by a promoter and had the best time. Through the back it is a tini salsa bar with steps surrounding the dance floor with a live band. Either way spend a night salsa dancing!
 To do:
Picasso Museum:
Be sure to book in advance online and have your hotel print out your tickets. Its not that but and in a cute area so the walk there is really cool. They don't have my favorite Picassos but you should go anyways! I got a lot of my friends gifts from the gift shop everything is so cute.
 Park Guell
 Quite possibly one of the coolest places in Barcelona. Wear something cute, you are going to want your photo taken in every nook and cranny here. We packed a little wine and a snack and sat there for awhile its pretty great. It can be quite the hike so walking shoes are suggested. The park/ hike part is free but if you want to go on the mosaic benches or in the little museums tickets are required.
 So so beautiful, you cant miss it, the line is super long, we sat in the park across the street with a wine and just stared for hours.
 Gothic Quarters
 This is the oldest part of Barcelona, Get lost in there one day, Its breath taking.
 Las Ramblas
 Probably the most touristy spot in Barcelona, but you have to walk down to say you did. Watch your bag this is where they are famous for pick pocketing.
 Tibidabo Hill
 We rode on the back of some bikes here one night, it is a vintage amusement park at overlooking all of Barcelona. I loved going because you get to see the little villages outside of the city.
Product National Brut
 Great Vintage
 My favorite vintage spot!
 Open Air Markets
 These happen on Sundays we just wondered into one but it was the most beautiful market. You can get wine and a snack and sit on the steps of the church to people watch. You have to find one.
 San Sebastian
Stay: We stayed at this airbnb it was amazing right in old town and right by the old church that everyone drinks San Sebastian’s famous Gin and Tonics https://www.airbnb.com/rooms/3169268
 A Fuego Negro- 31 de Agosto, 31
 In old town, right outside the air bnb. They have a little mini burger that is amazing. I always ate them before dinner because it was a guaranteed to be good. I know, I’m American. They also had squid ink onion rings that were great. Sit at the bar and have a burger before you go anywhere
 Café De La Concha
 It seems touristy but we went here it was so surreal to sit right on the water. I didn't love the food in San Sebastian so I would get a banana split from here a lot. It’s just beautiful to sit and look out at all San Sebastian.
This place opens at 1am. San Sebastian is built around it; it's a beautiful location. If you are feeling wild just go check it out, you are at least guaranteed a beautiful walk home. Pretty sure we jumped over the ledge and walked home on the beach here.
 The bar next to the church in old town.
 I can’t remember the name but everyone goes here for the famous gin and tonics. You wont miss it because everyone is on the steps of the cathedral drinking them (we started here very night) Ask for a menu they have a tiny steak that I loved that wasn't sitting out with the rest of the pinches.
 Be Bop
 I loved this place. The music was so good, it’s great to get a drink and have a mellow dancing night.
Make sure you hike to the Jesus one day. It is breath taking and you can go all over all the ruins. I don't think I have ever seen anything more beautiful.
 The spa is amazing in San Sebastian. They have a hot tub that overlooks the bay, be sure to book ahead
 We didn't get a chance to go here because we decided to do the 40 min drive to Biarritz that day but I heard the museum there is amazing the Guggenheim museum is suppose to have all the good Monet’s etc
 Rent surfboards
♥♥♥ Enjoy ♥♥♥