One of my favorite things to talk about is BEAUTY. Here we will tell you about our most loved products of the moment--whether it be a hair spray, mascara, blush, moisturizer, serum, you name it. If something works and we use it every single day, why not share it with all of you? These products are not fussy and make us feel pretty.


After a few trips to the hair salon, my hair became brittle and damaged from one too many bleach sessions.  All I wanted was for my hair to go back to what it was a few years ago, so I did some research and found this product.  I know it is a bit of an investment but it really works.  Once a week, I apply this to my towel dried, clean hair.  I run it through generously from root to tip and it leaves my hair smelling delicious and feeling better than before.


Amber drinks this water every morning and evening.  It is a multi purpose product, improving skin, energy, and mood. She swears by all of them, but especially "Energize Me" and "Women's Hair & Nails".  Feeling refreshed and beautiful on the inside is most important and in return it will show on the outside.

Kevyn Aucoin Sensual Skin Enhancer

This is an amazing product because it is incredibly pigmented yet versatile.  The container is tiny, but you do not need more than half a pea size to comfortably apply to the whole face.  It will last you forever.  For daily use, Eleanor mixes a little bit with her moisturizer and applies with a brush for a natural effect.  If you want more of a full face for going out, you can use it on its own for a flawless look.  Kevyn Aucoin was an iconic makeup artist whose motto was that it was far more important to help a woman feel beautiful no matter what, and that makeup was simply his tool for helping her discover herself.  You will probably see more products from his line on here because we are dying to try all of them.