Florence and the Machine is an office favorite.  Amber saw her at Lollapalooza and was blown away so we had to see her again.  There's something about the energy and production about her concerts that are enchanting and addicting.  The set isn't too extravagant but is still beautiful, which makes it easy to focus on Florence.  She is definitely an AGAIN girl with such a powerful spirit and presence about her at all times.  She knows how to warm up the stage and entice the audience.

I saw Florence at the Hollywood Bowl this past Friday, October 16.  Amber wasn't able to go so she passed her tickets to me.  I brought my friend Rachel, a bottle of wine, some hummus & crackers, and our night couldn't have been better.  The Hollywood Bowl is the best because you can bring whatever snacks and goodies you want and have a picnic.
 My favorite & most shocking moment was when it seemed like she was changing outfits behind the stage, but in actuality Florence was surprising us and popped up only 10 feet behind us.  She raised her arms and belted out as usual and it was incredible. I loved the masculine vibes of her outfit and she was definitely on point with the mustard blouse.
I wore the black silk GIA maxi dress because it's so comfortable and easy to move in. And let's be honest I thought it was kind of Florence-esque.  You know how she loves her long flowy dresses.
Get yours here :)