My sister and I discovered the Piloxing Academy a year and a half ago and have been hooked ever since.  Allyson teaches Piloxing, which is a mixture of pilates, boxing, & dance.  I love catching up with her after class and hearing about all of the crazy things she has going on.  She is passionate about holistic health, fitness, & wellness and beams positivity wherever she goes.  We found ourselves drooling over the surprisingly healthy recipes on her Instagram {@dearallyg} and her website  She really is a woman who can do it all. Ally played dress up with us at the office and we were lucky enough to chat with her about everything from food to voice overs to clothes and beyond.  I'll let her tell you the rest:

What makes you happy? 
AH! So many things, places and people make me happy. Ultimately, being at home, making food for and spending time with the people I love makes me the happiest. A pretty home, fresh flowers, home cooked food, family and love.  

What urged you to launch your own website?
For so many years, friends and family would say things like “you should write more” or “you should do a web show”. All the voices in my head would give me 101,000 reasons why I could never do those things. And then one day, not that long ago, it was as if I was struck by lightning. Yes! I should do those things. Why aren’t I? I have done quite a few things thus far in my life and now its time to merge them all together and have fun with it. I was just ready to move forward and expand on my journey. Timing is everything. 

What part of it are you most excited about?
Any time we set out on uncharted territory, there are always new things to learn with room to grow. That excites me! The unknown possibilities that lie ahead. I wake up curious and eager to start the day, so I know I’m on the right path. 

I know you’re a big fan of cooking, where do you get inspiration for new recipes?
I come from a family of great cooks on both sides. But mainly, I grew up in the kitchen with my mom and her mom (my grandma). I enjoy adapting my grandmothers recipes. Funny enough, they didn’t have as much processed food back then, so her recipes are somewhat healthy and wholesome. I still make some adjustments here and there. My Papa George was one of Californias pioneer farmers in the Central Valley (he was a great cook too, actually). I was raised with fresh fruits and veggies from the farm. Once you’ve had that kind of food, its hard to settle for cooking with anything else. The food just automatically tastes better. It’s also good to know where your food is coming from and how its grown and raised. I’m also obsessed with cookbooks and food/cooking shows. 

What is the best part about being a Piloxing trainer?
Piloxing embodies everything I love…boxing, dancing, and pilates. The program was created for all types of people. It offers both the tougher, powerful, explosive moves and the more refined, sleeker moves. I love how it challenges people to step outside their comfort zone. Those who naturally find comfort in the boxing area, get a chance to explore a different side of themselves through the sexy dance and sleeker pilates moves. And conversely, those who excel in dance are challenged with the intensity of the boxing moves. Its inspiring as a teacher to watch people progress and gain results. Its the ultimate reward of being a coach in general.

What does a busy weekday consist of?
4:30a wake up. 10 min of meditation. COFFEE. After that, it’s a full day of coaching clients in fitness, holistic health and nutrition. I also have a full fledged voice over career. So a few days a week, I can be found recording character voices, promo spots for various networks, or announcing for commercial campaigns. 

Have you always known you wanted to be a lifestyle coach?
Honestly? No. When I was in the 3rd grade I wanted to be an astronaut. And then I wanted to win an Oscar, a Grammy and a Tony award. Its funny how you think you’re in control, but I’m a firm believer that if you continue to pursue what interests you and makes your soul happy, you will naturally be steered towards your real purpose. I had no idea I’d be building this business right now. Although, it makes sense that I had to go through all the different jobs and training in different fields to get here. “Oh The Places You’ll Go!”

All of your clients just cancelled on you! You have no obligations. What will you do with your free day?
Wheeeeee!!!! First, I would find a farmers market and go shopping. Then I would probably go take a workout class. I know that sounds ridiculous, but an hour dedicated to my own fitness is a treat. Maybe a boxing or a yoga class. Or maybe a peaceful stroll around Fryman Canyon. Then I would probably call up a girlfriend and convince them to have lunch at Olive n Thyme with me in Toluca Lake. (best Avocado/Burrata Toast ever). I would absolutely get a mani/pedi and massage. Then I would come home and get in the kitchen to start cooking up all the goodies I got at Farmers Market and invite a friend over for dinner. 

If you could live anywhere in the world & bring all of your loves with you, where would you go?
I have this dream to own a home and farm with enough room for all my friends and family to come stay. A farm with chickens, baby goats, cows and a killer veggie garden. I dream of property in Montecito, Ca. There are so many beautiful places in the world, but at the end of the day, I’m a California Girl. We have such a beautiful coast and tremendous year-round weather. I would live right next door to Oprah. It’s good to have goals. :)

What is your favorite secret spot in Los Angeles?
Franklin Canyon for hiking. It’s hardly a secret, but its definitely not as congested as the other hot hiking spots. The surrounding hills are so lush and green. Sometimes I look around and imagine I’m in Ireland. I would suggest going with a friend, since its on the quiet side. I’m a safety girl. Also, its not super strenuous, so it’s a perfect place to meet and catch up with a friend over a good walk.

Do you have any style tips or rules?
I think its always best to know what works for your individual body. If high waisted jeans aren’t your thing, don’t wear them. Find the fit that works for your body type. You’ll be more confident wearing what you know looks good on you. On another note, I believe workout clothes were made for working out. Period. I love getting dressed and expressing my personality through clothes. But you’ll rarely see me out and about (unless I’m training a client) in workout clothes. Also, accessories… a girl can never have on too many bracelets. Biggest tip of all.. “do you”.

What are your top 5 places to shop?, Free People, All Saints, Anthropologie for home accessories, Restoration Hardware, Sur La Table.  ( I love to shop for the home too, not just clothes)

Put together an outfit that makes you feel confident.
My go-to look: Skinny Jeans, rocker/graphic tee, cropped leather jacket, boots, jewelry, and a bold berry-colored lip…Its just me.   Although, I also love a sassy flirty form fitting party dress with great heels and a lot of lashes for batting.

What is something you can’t leave the house without?
My cell phone, phone charger, fruit infused water, healthy on-the-go snacks (almonds, sliced cucumbers or celery with nut butter, fruit), under eye concealer and lipstick.

Who is your girl crush & why?
Lady Gaga. She is so much more than just a rock star.  She knows how to hit a nerve effectively and create a public conversation. Also.. Janet Jackson. She remains flawless.

What is your favorite piece on our website?
I can’t pick just one. I have my eye on the Bowie Lamb Skin Brown Leather Jacket and both the Quartz Silk and the Dottie Jumpsuit. SO perfect. 

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Photos by Kelly O'Kane.