TIGI Bed Head Hot Rollers

Do you ever wonder how Eleanor's hair is always so perfectly waved?  This is why.  Her hair is naturally straight, and the hot rollers add volume and movement.  It only takes five minutes, so she uses them every morning when she does her makeup.  She says that this set is perfect for traveling because of the carry case!

Lash Extensions by Sarah

You don't need to wear makeup when you have these eyelash extensions.  They last three weeks and make you feel so beautiful.  You can literally say "I woke up like this."  Amber gets them done by Sarah who is amazing--you can browse her Instagram here.

Chantecaille Future Skin Gel Foundation

This is Amber's go-to foundation.  It's very lightweight and perfect for everyday, but can be layered for more coverage.  The best part is that it STAYS ON all day and looks like your own skin.  Chantecaille is a luxury brand so it's a little expensive, but the jar lasts her months and months.

Beauty Blender

I never thought I'd love this little egg shaped sponge the way I do.  I wet it and ring it out before I do my makeup.  It's perfect for blending everything and it's also super refreshing since it's damp.  I have a black one and a pink one--the black one for foundation and the pink one for cream blush.  The pointed side is perfect for small crevices like your nose and under the eyes.