December is overwhelming, whether it be dinners, office parties, reunions, great grandmas, spiked hot cocoa dates, you name it.  We put together a few outfit ideas for these upcoming occasions that will hopefully take a little stress off your shoulders!

The cutest and most versatile outfit.  Wear the ALASKA sweater with a pair of vintage denim jeans and loafers for a laid back, cozy look.  Listen to Bing Crosby, decorate the tree, sip your wine, and hey!  You're even ready to hit up the bars if you and the girl gang are feeling a little crazy.

You can't go wrong with a little black dress.  Impress your boyfriend's boss in the LEXINGTON dress.  Paired with some strappy heels, everything here is wearable for countless occasions.  The modest neckline, covered yet see through shoulders, and knee length make this a timeless piece.

You'll be the chicest cousin at Grandma's house in the CARTIER dress.  Pair it with flat over the knee boots and an over the shoulder bag to complete the look.