Welcoming in a new year can be always exciting. They always say you have to let go of things in order to make room for the new. Whoever "they" are I'll take it. I love change, and always feel like I have something to kiss good-bye, what better way to do so then to welcome in a new year? Sometimes our personal lives get lost in the Holiday riff raff. We forget to reflect on what worked, what didn't, what we want and how we are going to get it, most of all what can we do to become more of the person that we want to be. Sometimes all you have to do it put it out there, be open and it will come, so write it out for yourself. Below is a little list I like to make for myself to review and follow as a guide into the new year.


  • What did I achieve this past year? (Don't forget to always give yourself credit for what you did.)
  • What do I want to achieve this coming year, and how are some ways I can accomplish it.


  • What are some things that I can do this year to make more stories for my grand children? Places you want to go, what you want to see, maybe some things you will try for the first time?


  • If you are in a relationship, things that you could improve on, or that you would like to continue doing, memories you would like to create?
  • If you are not in a relationship but seeking maybe write down 5 things that make you happy and you would like to find when searching for the perfect partner in crime. Or maybe ways that you can improve in order to be open to finding that special someone.
  • And for the rest of you who don't fall in either category, how you can concentrate on yourself more, make out more, build up that call log, and break more hearts!


  • New years is a great way to put everyone through a sifter in your life, shake it around and show more appreciation to the ones that make it through. We are all guilty of taking for grated the ones that matter most, write more letters to your Grandma, take that old friend out for a margarita, let go of any old grudges, and call the ones that you don't quite call enough.


  • We all have goals, things we wished we did more of, things we did less of. I use this section to write things down that I want to see more from myself. I write things down like I should get more facials, pick up piano, and see more music, work out a little more, you know the list goes on.

Every year is an open canvas and you deserve to be proud of yourself. Make your staple on this planet one day at a time. Ask and you shall receive!