The United States has so many beautiful places to discover, adventure and learn. Here in California the amount of beauty makes me wonder sometimes why I even ever leave the country, we have it all here. I am also sometimes embarrassed to say that as lucky as I am to travel I have not quite spread my wings through all of California. I have recently been picking places and marking them off one by one. Over the Holiday I went on a three day trip and stayed in El Capitan  campground. I loved the amount of adventure mixed with comfort.

We also took little day trips to visit places like:

Jalama state beach: The little cafe has one of the best burgers I have ever had, I sincerely regretted sharing with someone.

The Hitching post: One of the coolest old school steak houses, order the surf and turf, and dont leave without buying one of their pinots.

Carhartt Winery: An American clothing brand favorite Carhartt has a family owned tiny winery in Los Olivos, it is different because its not one of those big places where you need to know a lot, it's a tiny wood cabin with a back patio.  We all know I love a good back patio with a smooth red.

Sometimes the best times about travel is not the place that you go but the company you keep. Well sometimes you can have it all, whats a camp fire without a couple girls deciding how they can become better entrepreneurs? I was able to take in a breath of fresh air with some wonderful company, check out some of their profiles:@andrevippolis @vallybrinkroad @oliveandjune @gibsontuttle @individualmedleystore @teamriggens