Back in September we decided to hit up one of my top destinations--Marfa, Texas. I have wanted to go here since Larry Clark released a film on his site called "Marfa Girl." I got lost in the place because of the mixed dynamic between the low income neighborhoods' art. From the interesting sculptures to the overall culture I still find Marfa a bit of a mystery. It's organic Americana minimalism made me itch for the simple life.

I have always been a music festival person, but have grown a large appreciation for a good intimate setting. We visited Marfa during the Trans-pecos festival and it was incredible. Sometimes my only words for describing what is was like is "groovy." There was only one stage with 5 shows a night people dancing freely, hot tubs 50 feet from the stage, tents with food, and psychics--what more could you ask for. The crowd was a mixture between the real deal cowboys, a few hipsters, and the locals. I would say there was about 400 people there tops, there is nothing like setting your BBQ down on your blanket in the grass and running up to the front of the stage when you hear a song you like. You cant really go wrong when picking a place to stay in Marfa, there are a few options:

Airbnb: They have some really cool funky stuff here, a friend of ours rented an amazing farm house with tall ceilings and a huge porch. Check some out here.

The Thunderbird: We ended up staying here with all of our friends. The best thing for us was that it was walking distance away from the festival and there was a pool, which when its hot out is a must!

El Cosmico- This is where the Festival is held. I suggest stay here if you want the full experience. There are tons of themed trailers, tents and tipis.

Eating is something we found quite scarce here, but it made it fun, the hunt for food was fun and exciting when you found some:

Cochineal: The food here was great they have a great courtyard, it is perfect for dinner or lunch (make a reservation)

Marfa Burrito: We ate this everyday for breakfast. A little lady makes them in her house, you welcome yourself in and stick your head in her kitchen where she is home making everything with her family.

Museum of Electronic Wonders & Latenight Grilled Cheese Parlour: We went here every night on our way home. It was always an experience, they have all different kinds of grilled cheese, along with unique decor to get lost in while you are waiting. If you want you can enjoy your meal in a school bus on the side of the building :)

Marfa has a lot of things to do, things to see and places to get lost, here are some of my must sees:

 Prada Instillation: Prada has a small store installation on your way into Marfa, it is in the middle of nowhere.  A must-have photo, duh.

Donald Judd Foundation: Because Donald kind of made the town it would be silly to not go on one of the tours. We decided to see what his personal space was like but if we had more time I would have gone on all the tours.

Chinati Foundation: A foundation founded by Donald Judd, with large scare sculpture of many artists.

Ballroom Gallery: I love the art that they have here. It was an open non-profit gallery right on the main strip.

Freda: I loved this little shop, a perfect place to get your piece of Marfa.

Here are a few pictures I took with my 35MM.