I am so obsessed with Class Pass. I had never worked out in my entire life, and then I turned 25. Things kind of stopped going right back in place! I love being able to try different classes and constantly switch up my work out routine. I actually think it is better for you to do different classes as opposed to doing the same thing all the time. Variety is the spice of life! Everyone will tell you how important it is especially to switch it up between cardio and strength training. The endorphins and better sleeping patterns are just an added bonus.

I've put together a little list of my favorite studios in the West Hollywood area. I'll keep updating as I try more studios! Happy sweating!

Carrie's Pilates Plus: My favorite pilates studio ever! This class is no joke. Seriously, it is really hard. I was super intimidated after my first class. After about my 5th class though, I noticed I could actually do way more than before. It is the best feeling noticing your own growth. The instructors are relentless and the music is loud. I would recommend  this class to anyone who is really serious about their work out. 

Claudia Martin Studio: This is a totally different type of pilates than Carrie's. This is like zen pilates. The music is quiet and the teachers are mellow. I love this for stretching and light strength training. The studio is clean and beautifully/minimally decorated. A great class for when you want to work out without dying.

Rise Nation: I LOVE Rise Nation. It is so much fun. This class involves an upright climbing machine, that works your arms and legs/butt. They black out all the windows and play the kind of music you would hear at a night club on Friday night. Not to mention the ceiling light show. My favorite way to do cardio.

Platefit: The power plate is the workout of the future. It is a vibrating plate you do cardio exercises on. The best part, classes are only 30 minutes long. This is because your muscles are working twice as hard on the machine. I always feel amazing after a power plate class.