I always thought I didn't have enough things to go to. All of my friends were going to weddings, baby showers, engagement parties while I was looking for something to do on a Friday night. I figured it was because I wasn't in a sorority, or that maybe FIDM girls never grew up, but I was wrong. At the lovely age of 29 it is all happening.

Over the weekend a girlfriend of mine and I threw our friend a baby shower. When I first proposed to the friend that we hosted it for, she gasped and told me that the last baby shower she threw her and her friend spent $1000 each. I said no way, we are too creative to spend that. So we sat down and designed a DIY pinterest perfect baby shower. Below are a few photos, plans, and ideas to help you plan your next memorable event:

We first sat down, made a list of close friends and assigned them a job.  Our list looked like this:

Kaity & Lizzy: Sandwiches 
Melissa: Desert
Kelly: Lemon-aid
Lisa: Prosecco
Lizzy: Appetizer
Andrea: Fruit & Veggie platter

 The easiest way to have a party is to be really resourceful, go to discount stores when you can, and buy in bulk. Everything that we didn't make ourselves was from a smart and final, or a downtown LA wholesale decoration store that sells to the public. Next was seating, with 50 girls on the guest list we thought about renting tables, but sometimes I feel like no one sits at them and they mess up the flow of an event, we called our friend Alex who is the best at making groups collide, she said what makes it more vibey then a Mexican blanket cuddle puddle area?

Last was decorations and finishing touches. My girlfriend is working on her yard and hates the fence and the side of the garage. Easy fix, we cut clouds out of poster board and hung them to take away from the attention of the garage, then we strung baby onsies on a rope and draped it along the fence. We went to the flower mart and bought our own flowers, and made our own bouquets.

And of course I love a good theme, so I wore pink.  The ALASKA sweater was perfect for the day, you can get one here.