Kelsey of Something Beachy is one of those girls that you look at and think, "Should I dye my hair dark now?" or "I wonder how she does her eye makeup" or "I need to find a jacket like hers ASAP." She looks so put together yet effortless every day, which is why we couldn't wait to interview her. We love how she styled the SEVEN AND SEVEN and ALASKA sweaters minimally with some Levi's and bare feet.  Our kinda gal.  Read on for Kelsey's beach necessities, workout tips, hopes for the new year, and so much more.

How did you get into blogging?
Actually, one of my good friends Michaela created my blog for me as a birthday present! I took a lot of outfit/lifestyle photos on Instagram and she always pushed me to start a blog. She thought of the name and built my website, I am so grateful she did that. It has been a really amazing creative outlet for me. 

I also worked at Planet Blue for 4 years - 2 years working retail at the their Malibu store, and 2 years at their corporate office running social media. I was always around clothing and establishing relationships with designers we carried. Having this connection was also another major push to inspire me to launch a blog. 

We love your beachy theme. Why does the beach inspire you?
No matter where I am in the world, going to the beach always makes me feels most in my element. My dad grew up in Malibu and the ocean is such a big part of his life, I feel like it definitely reflects on myself. It really is the only place where I feel free and at complete peace.

Did you grow up seaside? 
Well - close! I grew up in Calabasas. It is a quick 10 minute drive through the canyon to Malibu. I could probably drive that canyon with my eyes closed.

What's your go-to beach in Los Angeles?
Little Dume, First Point, Escondido

The ocean is so romantic, especially on chilly Winter nights. What's your ideal beach town date night?
Sitting on a lifeguard tower, listening to music, a bottle of red wine.

What's your typical sandy day outfit?
An oversized tee or sweater + vintage denim cutoffs + converse or sandals. 

Are you more of an adventurer or a relax by the umbrella girl?
Adventurer!! It's the Sagittarius in me.

What are three changes you want to make in 2016?
-take 1 trip a month (even if it's small)
-spend more time with family
-learn how to cook a solid meal!!

Name three must-have items for the perfect beach day.
Coconut oil
A giant beach blanket
Good company

It's easy to get out of a workout groove. Do you have any tips to keep it interesting?
Yes - switch it up! I actually really enjoy working out, I just have to make sure it is different through out the week. Barre, Pilates, Yoga, Cardio, Soul Cycle, Santa Monica stairs, does drinking and dancing count too?? 

What is your favorite product in your makeup bag?
Lucas Pawpaw Ointment is the best

Favorite place to travel?
My favorite place I have been to so far is Mallorca, Spain. The water is SO blue,I was really inspired there. 

Tell us something we don't know about you.
My favorite drink is tequila on the rocks :)