Ok, so these are so two years ago but I wanted to share the wedding photos from one of my best friends wedding where I had the honor of creating all the dresses. They are moments like these that make you really appreciate what you do, moments of making something people will remember forever, something that makes them feel beautiful, something meaningful. There is nothing like watching all your best friends celebrate, and watch two people we all love take the next step.

We started with the bridesmaids dresses, like most weddings not only were all of her bridesmaids stunning, but each one had their own unique individual style so we had to find something that fit them all. We chose a light color silk that would be flowey and conventional for all body types. At the reception after all the photos were taken we decided to huddle in the bathroom and cut them short to help beat the heat, you can do that kind of thing when you know the designer ;)

 Sarah wanted a more traditional structured lace wedding gown with a touch of boho, but not too boho and not to structured, you know? Now I must be honest when I say that I have never done anything like this before so I was defiantly ready for the challenge. We started with the lace, we imported it from France and decided to do two layers of different patterns to create dimension. Before making the real dress we made two mock ups to get the right fit then cut the real thing. Being able to create something for a friend in such a special moment made me want to do it 100 times over.

(If you are interested in custom wedding dresses email info@againcollection.com)

--Photos by Ethan Lovell