It sounds corny, but the number one thing I miss about college is learning! I miss that feeling when something in your brain clicks and you make that connection and all of a sudden just get it. Taking in the kind of information that might seem kind of useless in your daily life, yet it broadens your view of the world. That is my favorite part of podcasts. Not only that, they make the crazy L.A. traffic that much more bearable. See a list of my favorites below! Tweet us and let us know what podcasts your are loving, we always need more xoxo

All time favorite podcast! I'm sure you've already heard about the first season, seriously blew me away. I think the entire country was captivated by the story. If you have not listened yet, I highly recommend you go back and do so. I am getting ready to go through the entire season for a second time, notepad in hand! (Planning to solve the case all own my own duh). The second season just started and I can't wait to get just as invested in the story.

Stuff You Missed In History Class:
I can't say enough good things about this podcast. I'm a bit of a history freak and I love hearing these stories. Each show is about a half hour long, perfect for the drive to work! I get engrossed in these stories and love learning about people and places I never knew. Another plus side, there are hundreds archived so I doubt you will run out soon. My favorite episodes so far: The Oregon Trail, Mary Ann Cotton, A Condensed History of Rhodesia, and Alice Roosevelt.

Sword and Scale:
Perfect for those of you who love Law and Order. A look into crimes and the criminal justice system. The detail they go into in the coverage of the crime is what I love about this. You feel like a detective yourself. A quick warning, some of these stories can be a bit graphic! If you get sick at a little gore I would skip this one. 

WTF With Marc Maron:
I for one am not a huge fan of interview podcasts. I find them very self satisfying for the hosts and the guests. I like the Marc Maron podcast because he is different. He definitely does not take it lightly on any of his guests, and tells them exactly what he thinks. He also interviews people you actually want to hear talk. Some of my favorite episodes: Nick Kroll, Zach Galifianakis, Louis CK, Sarah Silverman and Amy Poehler.