Alyson Stoner is the down-to-earth girl of the moment. Her passion, honesty, and confidence is so apparent in everything she touches. When you think Alyson Stoner, you think dance-dance-dance. It's hard not to when her moves are UNREAL and recognized by industry professionals like Missy Elliott. But she has some newness going on that is not what you might expect! Read on for her thoughts on growing up in the spotlight, tips for young aspirers, and more.

It's crazy to think we've seen so many sides of you through the years. From Cheaper by the Dozen to dancing in Step Up & Missy Elliott's music video, and most recently your incredible music! What was it hard growing up in the spotlight?
Thank you. It's hard growing up, period. Yes, it was difficult doing it publicly, but I wouldn't say it was harder than anyone else's. My story is unique to me; yours to you. And only you can walk through the experiences. 

You can do it all--dance, sing, voiceover, & act. Can you choose a favorite?
Gratefully, I believe in a both-and, not either-of frame of mind, and I'm able to participate in all fields simultaneously. It's more about learning to shape shift daily. 

What are 3 things you are focusing on in 2016?
Music, music, music. New songs, new videos, new performances. 

Do you have any tips for young girls who dream of dancing in a movie and singing for a crowd of thousands?
Absolutely. Take responsibility for your growth. Nobody is going to plan or walk every step for you. Push for authenticity in your art and learn to wear the many hats necessary to thrive in an industry. 

What projects are you most looking forward to?
My single, Woman, releases on iTunes February 19th. It's percussive pop with an international groove.. makes everyone move. I'll be touring and performing soon. Also, my film Mr. Invincible releases this summer. 

Is fashion a big question of your day or are you more of a "throw it on and go" gal?
I'm a believer in allocating careful attention to the "shopping" process, so on a daily basis, I can "throw it on and go" and know that I'm still selecting solid pieces that represent me. 

Is dancing your main form of working out? In what ways do you switch it up?
I cross train regularly. Also, off-season and rest are just as important as hard work-outs at the gym. I don't like to share details because our culture is far too obsessed with fitness regimens and diets. Listen to your body. 

What are 3 of your favorite places to shop in Los Angeles?
You can always find something on Melrose. Adidas, obviously. And then I'll switch it up and say Kreation Organics restaurant, because I believe taking proper care of myself will be the best way to make a statement in whatever I wear. 

You have a red carpet event. Do you choose a matching crop top and skirt set or evening gown?
Not a huge fan of crop tops and skirts, but I'll do it for variety's sake. Definitely the right evening gown for me-- classic, sophisticated, and form fitting.

Above, Alyson attends the World of Dance Awards 2016 wearing the LANGSTON dress. Styled by Lisa Cameron.

Alyson wears the SOFIA top and MADRID lace dress dress in the Song of the Year 2015 acapella mashup video, watch it here! Styled by Lisa Cameron.