Like many groups of girls my girlfriends and I are growing more into ourselves our plans, interests and ways we like to enjoy each others company have changed. We aren't drinking cheep alcohol and eating late night pizza anymore we are holding each others new babies and puppies while sharing new recipes and cocktail favorites. We always find a way to invite ourselves to someone's house and completely take over the kitchen. Not only is it a new way to catch up, gossip and get the boys out of our hair, I love doing this because I would consider myself somewhat new to the kitchen so it is the perfect way to learn new things. Over the weekend we all went to my friend Melissa's house and "curated" the perfect Easter brunch.

We all start in a group text, I love a good group text and its the perfect way to make sure all the bases are covered.

Kelsey: Fruit (Always), Bacon, Juice

Sarah: Vegetarian Egg frittata

Melissa: Ricotta Pancakes, Sausage

Amber: Potatoes and Cocktail

Kelsey went to the farmers market for fruit, I sometimes find it to be a cheaper option to get juicy organic produce.

We made a sangria for the cocktail, its light and crisp for the day! We added rose wine, Elderberry cordial, fruit, soda water and last minute some sprite to take away the acidity.

We accompanied it with fresh squeezed orange juice with apples, lemon, ginger and carrots (it was great when we added a drop of it into the sangria)

No party is a party without a fancy water, so we put chopped watermelon, lime, and mint (super hydrating)

Melissa grows rosemary on her deck. It just shows that you don't need a yard to grow your own herbs and spices, she just has them in a pot right outside the door!

One of Melissa's specialties is blueberry ricotta pancakes, I went over early so I could learn how to make these fluffy clouds of exploding taste. I tend to steer away from anything that requires batter, baking, and precise attention so it is nice to take myself out of my comfort zone. The biggest thing I learned from this recipe was what "folding" was. They call for whipped egg whites, so as soon as they are whipped with soft peaks you fold them into the batter meaning you don't smash them you fold the batter over them until they are mixed and this is what keeps the pancakes fluffy.

This is a great recipe to make your own Ricotta Pancakes

And yes of course the boys help, Jess made Nutella filled croissants with strawberries.

There is a similar recipe HERE.

Sarah made a vegetarian egg frittata, a great way to have eggs buffet style, and I made breakfast potatos on the stove top. We also baked the bacon, it takes a lot of the grease out and gives it a new kind of crunch.

A great recipe for the fritatta is HERE and potatoes HERE

A lot of my friends say that they have a hard time making meals because of time management, and this can also get even trickier when there are other people involved, if I was making this alone I would start the potatoes, the frittata and the pancake batter. Bacon in the oven is a huge time saver because you don't have to tend to it as much. The pancakes are last because they are better fresh, everything else can kind of be kept in the oven at 200 degrees.

And of course we had a little Easter bunny mascot Presley Sluder :)