I admit it, yes I'm obsessed, and fully clogging the feed with AGAIN's new Spring print. I am not just fixated on it because I made it, usually as a designer I would be completely over the print because I have been looking at it for the past 6 months, but not this one, and I want to explain why. I am not much of a floral girl, but when creating a collection you have to choose something for everyone, being here in southern California its almost sac religious to not love floral, so I have found a compromise, which is a vintage feeling 70’s not too psychedelic, not too girly, not to pink, not too purple floral. I have to be honest, after this I think I might start to be more of a floral girl. After choosing or designing a print I take time to sketch it into the style I am imagining it in, usually I do something short, mid length, and long to see what looks best. From there we create one sample and make another round of comments on fit, style lines etc. After that process we shoot it, and sell it. The best part of the whole process is seeing how other people style your garment, I especially look forward to seeing girls in this floral!