This weekend we had the honor to participate in the Los Angeles Women's March. My experience was overwhelming. Reading all of the signs, seeing not only women, but men, and children fighting, and protesting just as hard overpowered me with emotion. A packed train that couldn't even fit more riders, followed by a packed crowed where you couldn't move, only filled my head with so many things. I knew how many people were hurt by the election, but this physically showed me. I marched for so many issues, but one of mine is one that I am sure millions of women can contest to. I have used planned parenthood before, and its awful, we shouldn't be taking a place like that away, but making it better, more safe, more improved. Planned parenthood offers so many services beyond abortion such as check- ups, birth control, std checks etc. I personally feel that if you don't want an abortion, then don't get one, it's simple, but there should be a safe, clean, comforting place for a women to turn to if she wants the choice. I also was able to see the sadness in people’s eyes, sadness that they don't feel safe to be who they are, they don't feel safe because of the color of their skin. I wanted to be there for them. I wanted to protest the planet, global warming does exist, it's alarming that anyone would turn their back on that or defund companies working to help change it. I wanted to be there to protest all the negativity, all the hate. Yes we may need a change, but not a change by going back in time. The positive thing that I can take away from this is that my eyes are opened to a whole new world. A world of politics, if I wasn't involved before, I am now. It is a monumental time to get involved, and if you don't think it interests you, or there is nothing you can do, you can just show up, be present and have a voice. Lets make this just the beginning because together we are one!