I met Isy one day as she was lunching with a friend of mine on a patio of a restaurant here in Venice. I was immediately drawn to her style, chic accent and fun loving spirit. We Later were re-introduced by a mutual friend  where I learned that she was not only a designer but a mother. I am always drawn to moms in the design world because I wonder how the heck they do it. I overheard her talking around a fire place one night what it was like and how she keeps such a great relationship with her daughter. I instantly gained a huge respect by her words as she described how she respects her daughter and wants her to know what is going on in her life too. She invited me into her home to get a closer look, and ask a couple questions so I could share with you.

Sweaters Pictured Below: Ramone, Piper, Izzy, Echos

How did you become a Designer?

Prior to designing I was a stylist for 8 years doing fashion editorial, working with celebrities in the music and movie industry. I’ve always been involved in clothes. I wanted to take a different direction and started my own clothing line. I felt I was lacking knowledge so when I moved to NY I went back to school at Parsons to learn fashion design. 

What is your process when designing, and what are your biggest influences?

I start off with a mood board. What inspires me, images, silhouettes, fabric swatches, artwork, colors. I gather all my ideas even if they don’t always make sense to me and look at the whole ensemble. I usually start sketching, experimenting from that point. Certain ideas will be very clear and define, other needs a little bit more experimentation and freedom around it, so I allow it to just flow and I see where it takes me. I narrow it down and eliminate what is no longer working, I tie it all together to consolidate and create my story.

What are your biggest struggles as a designer?

Misunderstanding?! I will apply that to life as well 

What are the major differences that affect your everyday life from France to LA?

My life my life my life in the sunshine! Just for that I could not move back to Paris. Sounds kind of shallow but the weather is so miserable for 6 months out of the year and I feel really affected by it .

I Love going home, seeing my family with a return date back to California :)

What's in your bag right now?

As less as possible! I like smaller bags, so I am not what one of these girls that carry a tons of stuff! My wallet, iphone, I most likely have mentos on me, cigs (in my smoking phase urgh...) my clarins lip gloss and car/house keys that is mostly it .

Your home is really beautiful, how did you decide how you were going to decorate it?

I need space, openness, and light so less is more for me … I like beauty and flow so I am particular about the pieces of furniture I choose and how they all balance with each other, but I am not a purist in my esthetic. I surround myself with things that mean something to me, things I like to look at things that make me feel good or that I collected during travels.  

One of my biggest inspirational moments around you was overhearing you what it meant to be a mother, and how you included your daughter in your life, can you explain that more? 

Being a mum is a gift. the metamorphous, the transformation your body has to go through to give life, I mean how magical is that ?! I am sure I must start to sound hippy dippy but giving life is very sacred to me. Being a mum gives you the opportunity to give the best of yourself, to guide another human being so they can become the better version of themself. It challenges you in so many ways and it really shows you also where you at what you need to work on yourself, I mean there is not filter they mirror you, but the rewards are endless. 

As a parent, I never believed you had to completely change your lifestyle to fit that shoe but rather I saw us as part of a tribe and me as the leader of the pack. It seemed natural to me to expose my child to my lifestyle, take her with me on my travels. Children are completely open as long as they feel safe with you. 

Kids are sponges they learn what you teach them what you expose them too. The more they see, the more flexible there mind is .

Can you give us some dating tips as a single mother?

Not really LOL? Dating is so weird and I am so french in that way. It is so not part of my culture! I have always had a bit of a hard time with that, mother or single!

How do you think you can relate to AGAIN as a brand?

I think there is a lot of freedom of ideas in your brand, movement, openness, spontaneity and flow in your approach. I feel when I let go of the controlling side of myself I can totally connect to that freedom.