Ok, I'll admit it, reading is a new thing for me. In high school I never had the time so I was a cliff notes student. I went to fashion school, that being said reading assignments weren't really on the agenda, but I always wanted to be able to say "oh I read that in college," guess I missed out on that. My next excuse is that I never knew what kind of books really interested me. People are always best at giving each other self help books, but I can pick those up and skim them when I feel fitting, I want a story, mixed with some facts, mixed with juice, mystery, suspense, and entertainment.

My high school friends wouldn't believe it, but now every night before I got to bed and every morning before I get up, I read. I started just picking up books that had good reviews, or were similar to books I read in the past. To avoid becoming the queen of half read books I promise myself no matter how uninterested I am I will finish it. I also usually go into it not knowing what each one is going to be about, this helps keep the surprise between the pages.

I know you will find what works for you and be able to say "oh I read that" or "oh the book was better then the movie." In the mean time below is a list of books I have read in the past 6 months. I hope to have new books for you with reviews every month, but any suggestions I would love to hear from you! Eventually we can analyze, argue and do all the club stuff people do in book clubs.

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The Rules Do Not Apply
This is my new book, I am going to start page one right after this so shhh don't ruin it!

All the Ugly And Wonderful Things
This is my most recent completion. This book creates a feeling, and leaves you confused on how to react emotionally. It is about two kids that grow up in unfortunate circumstances and their definition of family, I had a hard time putting this one down.

A book based on the story of the girls living on the ranch as a part of the Manson Family. I gotta say, I love this shit. It was an easy read and took you into the reasons why they stayed, how much they actually loved each other more the Charlie, and finally what drove them to kill.

The Stranger in the Woods
This is a true story about the last hermit found. It goes into the physiology of wanting to be alone and how much the human race can gain or loose from absolutely solitary confinement. I highly recommend this book as it can change your thinking if you are someone that often gets FOMO.

Ready Player One
I was recommended this book by a friend, although the futuristic video game nerd thing isn't my thing, this book was one of top books. I had a lot of fun nights reading aloud the ins and outs of the Oasis to my brother in a high typical nerd voice.

All the Light We Can Not See
It was a Pulitzer prize winner so I picked it up. It's a beautiful intertwined story of two separate characters and their struggle to navigate through the Nazi invasion. A little girl is blinded and lives in Paris' natural history museum and her father who builds her diagrams to navigate herself through the city, while a little boy works his way up in ranks to find himself crossing paths with his favorite radio program creator.

Hillbilly Elegy
A memoir of a family that grew up with the struggles of lower class America. If you are confused as to why our country voted the way they did this book will help you understand the changes people were looking for.

The Girl on the Train
"The Book was better then the movie" Duhhhh


When Gravity Falls
This was the first book I picked up that kind of started my reading journey. I once read a book called "Marching Powder" and apsolutly loved it, and this was recommended because I read that. Although I didn't see many similarities as it is science fiction, this book was interesting. It's a bit about the future of the human race, where everyone has enhanced their brains and their bodies with a twist of crime and mystery.

Read on readers!