I always love this time of year. The weather changes, peoples energy is ampd and it is music season! Everyone is waiting to see who is headlining their favorite festivals while others are searching for the new and hip one so they dont have to deal with lit up teenagers. Then there are the people that put lights up in their room and blast their record player as loud as it can go because the music festival of their dreams costs as much as their rent. Not to worry, there is a solution, you know why? Because it's MUSIC SEASON, where there is a big festival there are small shows surrounding that are affordable, more intimate and probably contain less porta potties. Below are a few of my favorites:

Pappy and Harriots: The Kills, Nicolas Jaar, Future Islands, Cherry Glazer, Little Dragon, Glass Animals to name a few

FYF Presents: FYF is sponsoring so many mini shows it is too many to list

KCRW Events: KCRW has events year round

SXSW: South By South West has a whole website dedicated to free events!

GoldenVoice: The mastermind company behind Coachella also has sponsored events.

Obviously there are so much more, my point is that there is tons of stuff going on for all people of all walks of life! I hope you get to see some music!