It’s about time I get you to know artist Nadia Sarwar the mastermind behind a large amount of our imagery. Nadia and I met sometime ago via the interwebs because her style was something I would be silly to not connect with her about and were later brought back together in the real world from friends. Working with Nadia on creating anything is quite a dream. She works in a way that is very organized, visual, yet artistic. She envisages every shot before it is taken, sometimes draws it out and executes it better then I could ever picture. Her sense of color and texture combined creates imagery that is not just to be glanced at. Though it is hard to pic a part a brain such as hers I was able to ask her a couple questions to just scratch the surface.

Check out more of her work HERE


What elements of where you came from do you think show through your photography if any? 
I’m from the UK but moved to NY and then to LA. Each city has impacted not only my aesthetic, but also my approach to work and my sensibility.
People get ideas in many shapes, forms and places, wether they are sleeping, showering, in nature etc. Where do you think most of yours generate?
Most of my ideas come from dreams, I keep a dream journal for reference and often attempt to recreate or reinterpret the imagery or themes. 
I like showering and nature though. 
What is your favorite subject to shoot? 
Strangers in their homes at night with a long lens when they think they’re safe.
Where do you think the future of photography will go? 
I like to imagine that there will be a departure from the throwaway nature of producing content and the process of creating images will once again become more precious and meaningful.
Who are some of your biggest influences in fashion and art?
Larry David.
Do you build your outfits around one piece, and work your way up, or know exactly what goes together?
I mostly think WWLDD - what would Larry David do.
Beach or mountains?
I have noticed you don’t carry a bag, what can you not leave the house without sense packing is minimal?
I always leave home with pockets, a phone, keys and stack of cards bound together with a hair tie and more pockets. I really like pockets.
One outfit and one for the res of your life, what would they be?
Wide ankle length trousers, a boy’s tshirt, a long calf-length collared shirt and a cropped sweatshirt with some variation of hat (lot’s of styling possibilities).
Whats the best thing about collaborating with brands like AGAIN?
The freedom to experiment and explore new ways of interpreting the pieces, whilst working closely with the brand to tell a new story.