Over the weekend I got take a little trip to Santa Few New Mexico to visit my boyfriend at work. Santa Fe is a very nostalgic place for me because we grew up visiting here a lot. My mom went to collage in New Mexico and therefore we had some distant family there along with all of her besties. It as such a fun experience to visit somewhere that a lot of childhood memories were made now as an adult. I left the trip understanding why it is the home to many celebrities such as Julia Roberts, Val Kilmer, Gene Hackman and Shirley MacLaine, among others.

There are only so many places in America that you can raft or go for a ski, hit the spa, check out some art, eat an award winning meal and pass out in your authentic adobe wake up to hike and go wine tasting. Santa Fe as a whole is very in touch with it's roots keeping a very historic yet rustic vibe. Although it is probably way more developed then when my parents could call it their stomping grounds it still has a cozy flare. Not only is Santa Fe filled with incredible art, and galleries, the place is swarming with James Beard award winning restaurants that still keep the New Mexican flare. Then lets talk vintage, I left wanting to change my style to a floral cowgirl covered in tassels, and pendalton. I compiled a list from a few friend recommendations, travel blogs and spontaneity and although I am hopping to grow this list very soon here are a few of the places we hit and loved.

Ten Thousand Waves- https://tenthousandwaves.com/

This is an amazing Japanese style Spa a small drive out of town. We scheduled a massage and reserved a private bath with a private sauna before our arrival. Next to the spa there is an amazing Japanese restaurant called Izanami, so after your treatments or soak just step next door for some hot sake and some Japanese food.

Meow Wolf- https://meowwolf.com/

Meow wolf has to be one of the coolest Art interactions I have ever had. It is somewhat hard to explain other then it is an instillation created by 23+ different artists and every which way you turn your head you will be surprised. Don't be afraid to open every door, walk to the back of every closet and touch every light you will always discover something new.

Lightning Field by Walter De Maria- http://www.diaart.org/visit/visit/walter-de-maria-the-lightning-field/

We didn't have enough time to check this out but it is suppose to be very cool!

El Santuario de Chimayo- https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/El_Santuario_de_Chimayo

About 30 minutes out of town this church is the biggest Catholic pilgrimage in the United states. It is outside of Espanola (where the lowrider was invented). I grew up coming here as a kid. Once a year we would do the walk from Espanola reciting the Hail Mary, to the church where we were met by thousands of people that made the journey by walking as far as Albuquerque.

Cafe Pasqual's- https://pasquals.com/

An organic Mexican American James Beard award winning restaurant right in the town square. We went for brunch the vibe is super cute and food is so good. Put your name in and pass the time by checking out the church down the street or pick through the shops in the square.

La Choza- http://www.lachozasf.com/

My favorite of all the places for New Mexican food. Great for lunch. Get a blended Margarita to cool you down from the incredible green Chili.

The Shed- http://the-shed-restaurant.myshopify.com/

I believe this is the same owner as La Choza, very cute for a New Mexican dinner right off the Plaza.

Radish and Rye- http://radishandrye.com/#farminspiredcuisine

An amazing farm to table dinner spot. They have great service, and all of their cocktails are bourbon based.

The Compound- http://www.compoundrestaurant.com/

High end restaurant right off Canyon Road. Delicious food in a cute setting. Lots of "ladies who lunch" here.  I had the lobster salad and a soup it was amazing. You can check out all the galleries on Canyon road and become a lady who lunches too.

Vinaigrette- http://www.vinaigretteonline.com/santafe_menu

Really great place for lunch. Lots of healthy salad and soup options. Right next door is a great little coffee shop for you to get your fix!

Cowgirls- http://www.cowgirlsantafe.com/

Fun place for bar food, drinks and live music. The only place in town that has live music every day of the week.

El Farol- http://www.elfarolsantafe.com/#spanishtapas

The oldest place in Santa Fe. Great for after dinner drinks or small bites before dinner. They too always have great live music. Imagine this, a live performance from a guy that does Hawaiian versions of imagine all the people...

Shopping- There are tons of shops in Santa Fe. There is also a ton of people selling silver and turquoise on the streets. We didn't have time but I was recommended a few flea markets just out side of town where you can get a better price like Tesuque Village market. I also checked out a few goodwill's and had a really hard time finding anything as it seems like I had been beaten to the punch.

Kowboyz- http://kowboyz.com/

Great vintage, tons of men's stuff, boots, hats, and button down shirts.

Double Take- http://santafedoubletake.com/

This is my favorite vintage store in Santa Fe so far. They have tons of stuff, 3 different rooms, expensive, western wear and regular old vintage.

Santa Fe Hacienda and Spa- http://hotelsantafe.com/

We stayed here and had a great stay. It is very central to many things and very well priced, and if you stay in the Hacienda not only will you get a ride anywhere you want to go all day long you get your very own butler service. 

I also recommend airbnb as there was a ton of really cute places when we checked

Sorry for my lack of photos as my camera broke right as I arrived- more mental images for you to create ;)