I am not a huge worker outer, I may be thin but being fit always feels better then thin. Growing up I was a very active kid playing soccer, tennis, running, etc. When I was older my main focus was track and cross country, My time, and diets were centered around the race. When I got older and moved to LA this whole "working out" thing was different for me simply because I never was "working out" I was training to race. I found myself going to the gym trying to sneak a peep at my neighbors treadmill to make sure I was going faster, trying to stay on longer just to get some sort of competition. Now I find it harder and harder to work out. Waking up early, or spending my nights after a long day of work sweaty is not appealing to me, so how do I try to keep up with all the hot bods in Los Angeles? Below are some of my favorite things to do!

Monday's/ Wednesdays: Yoga at the Yoga Collective Venice. They have a 7:45 pm class that plays fun music and kicks your butt. I used to not do as much yoga becauseĀ  I felt like if I was taking the time to work out I wanted to know it was working. This class does just the thing. I also started a little club 1: to see my girlfriends and do something healthy together and 2: it holds you accountable making it easier to show up if you go with friends, we even get our boyfriends to go now!

Tuesday: Light Jog to the beach about in the morning (about 2 miles), at home floor sit ups (8 minute abs might be from the 80's but it works you can find it here:

Thursday: Santa Monica Stairs: Be prepared to not walk for a week and have some buns of steel. Go early to avoid the heat and every week add one more set on!

Friday: Pilates, my girlfriend is a great Pilates teacher here in Venice. I think Pilates covers all those places you didn't have keeping everything nice and tight

The weekend: I always try to fit in one workout that I never do, either go to one of my girlfriendsĀ  favorite classes or do my light jog to the beach, get in a surf etc. It's always important to take time to relax, but don't blow your hard week of work all in these two days!