For those of you who don't know, being a creative can be a struggle most of the time. Being an individual may come easy for most, but keeping true to your unique may take effort. Because everyone and everything can be so in your face lately I have really been inspired by people with a more natural approach to individuality and discrete outlet of creativity.

 I am excited to introduce you to Tanya, an LA native, student, music venue working, vinyl enthusiast with the cutest pink kitchen it would be worth getting to know her just so you can see it.  I as naturally drawn to her style, and her place in the LA music scene. I soon learned that Tanya is not only is a member of a club called Honey Power that she will tell you more about in her interview but she is studying to be an Archeologist, read below, listen to her playlists on spotify and be inspired.

Listen HERE

All photos by Nadia Sarwar 

Age: 27

From: Castaic, CA

Lives:  Historic Filipinotown

Occupation: Archeology Student, Nanny and Server

Great Grandmothers Name: Carmen Hernandez-Jenkins

Dad’s Favorite Band:

I called him about this and he told me he couldn’t pick one at all so it's a tie between Bowie and The Beatles

House or Metal music?

I don’t really listen to either. I’d say metal over house just because my mom loved metal so much and I heard it all the time growing up. I’m not into EDM at all.

Selena or Beyonce? Anything for Selenas

Piano or Guitar? Guitar

Spotify or Soundcloud? Spotify, hands down

What are you listening to this week? Usher - Confessions

Top 5 favorite songs:

Every Night - Paul McCartney 

Open Your window - Harry Nilsson

Friction - Television  

When I Think of You - Janet Jackson

Heartbeat - Buddy Holly

What are your thoughts on LA’s Music Scene?

There is no single music scene in LA. It's so diverse and overlapping there is no way to explain it. My thoughts on what I have experienced is that it is very welcoming yet very exclusive and everyone is just as uncomfortable as you are. Say hello, no one is ignoring you, they just don't think you don’t remember them the same way you don’t think they remember you.

What is your favorite live show?

I saw Chaka Khan at the Hollywood Bowl once, it was great.

Can you tell us a little about What Honey Power Club is?

Honey Power is a feminist DIY and arts collective with members of all backgrounds. I have been an active member since 2016 when we put on a benefit for the NELA Homeless shelter, but the collective has been around longer than that. We are also all vinyl DJs whose interests are all over the place, but where we really connect is over our love of community. We are all politically active and outspoken and have big plans for the year 2018, including discussion panels, more fundraisers and plenty of Dj nights.

If you could only hear one album everywhere you went for the rest of your life what would it be?

The jurassic park soundtrack

What are some of your favorite venues in Los Angeles?

Zebulon, The Smell, The Regent and the Hollywood Bowl, for those special once in a lifetime moments.

What is your prediction on the future of Music?

I think that music will always grow, especially in moments of political turmoil like we are experiencing right now people need to have some sort of outlet to express themselves. BUUUT I do think that there needs to be some sort of adjustment to the way musicians get paid and I hope the future holds that.

Shout out to one of your favorite local bands:

The Memories!  The Memories are originally from Portland but they have been in LA so long now I think it’s safe to say they are local. They own a record shop in Cypress Park  called GnarBurger make sure you should check it out

Walk us through what it is like for you getting dressed in the Morning:

To be completely honest I’m not much of a morning person. If I need to be somewhere early I’ll usually hit snooze as many times as possible and then get ready in under 15 minutes and rush out the door. More often than not I forget something or everything I was supposed to bring with me but what can I say, I love sleeping.