I am not much of a cleanser, I usually feel like it sets me up for disaster, however, it is good to push the reset button every once in awhile, so my dad made a cleans for me that I do from time to time that makes me feel really good. The cleans helps me kick some old habits such as sugar, drinking etc. It allows me to eat more then what I usually consume on any other average day. The jest of it is to eat a pound of green a day with no liquids other then water. You are allowed fruits and veggies only, it leaves me feeling clean, clear, and if I manage to work out during the cleans fit too.

As I was exploring all my options for tasty meals I came across collard green wraps, obviously I found the closest thing to a burrito :) Below is my recipe along with details about the cleans!

  • Collard leaves
  • Shaved Carrots
  • Sprouts
  • Cucumbers
  • Yellow pepper
  • Hummus
  • Pesto

Soak the collard leaves in hot water with lemon for 10 minutes while you prepare your veggies, take them out and dry with a towel. Cut the leaves in two pieces separating front the center stem. Line each piece with hummus and pesto and fill with veggies, season with a zest of lemon, salt and pepper. Roll like a burrito, the hummus the pesto work like glue to hold it all together!

The Cleans

This is an uncooked raw food cleans.
You can eat any veggie under the sun,the goal is to eat a pound of green a day.
Fruit: You are welcome to fruit but try not to go crazy, the less sugar the better but feed that sweet tooth
Here's some tricks:
Broccoli: Eat this when you are craving something hearty, steak, meat, bacon etc.
Celery: Great as a snack replacement, its salty taste fills in for chips
Carrots: Always take up your time if you are an all day snacker
Fruit: You are welcome to fruit but try not to go crazy, the less sugar the better but feed that sweet tooth
Nuts: they are allowed, I try to avoid because I have no control and I can't eat in moderation so I tried to stay clear, I usually think nuts are the gateway food to chips
Liquids: Water only

Snack Ideas:
Hummus: It's welcome, its just chickpeas!
Guacamole: All avocado, tomatoes eat it with celery, you will feel like you are right on the beach in Cabo
Always pack a huge salad and pick on it all day, you can make your own dressing with apple cider vinegar and olive oil, lemon, salt and pepper.
Zuccini Pasta: I don't have the fancy tool to make the noodles so I improvised with a carrot shaver and ate what I like to call a linguini version. Add cherry tomatoes and a red pepper for color, if you don't have a food processor to make your own pesto just buy it at whole foods in the olive bar, it does have cheese in it but that's ok, just dont tell anyone

Stay healthy!