We all have our vices, ones that we hide in the bottom of our purse, so what is it that I just can't leave the house without? Check out below:

Chantecaille Foundation

Chantecaille changed my life. I had adult acne all the way up to 26, until I found this make-up and decided that it was ok to spend $90 on something that is sitting on my face everyday.

Rhoto Eye Drops

I am addicted, its bad. I cant leave home without them, I guess I could have worse habits. These clear your eyes, and to me wakes you up a bit.

Nars Pencil : New Color Isola Bella

I have always been a Bahama Mama girl, but I found this color this summer and think it really brightens me up, its perfect for the day time too.

Charlotte Tilbury Fine Gold Highlighter

Having a bit of a glow, well everyone is doing it, whats wrong with looking fresh all the time. Dab this on your cheek bones, in the corner of your eyes on a little on your lids and look like you just walked out of a spa.

Anastasia Brow Definer

A lady never leaves the house without her brows

Fujifilm x100t Camera

I am obsessed with this digital camera. It fits in almost every bag, and takes amazing photos.

Grapes The Cat Portable Charger

Because a dead phone is never cute